Zanu PF accelerates drive on party position

ZANU PF is accelerating its drive to entrench the party position on Zimbabweans during the constitution making process, The Convenor can reveal. According to a Crisis Coalition observer who attended a meeting held on the 20th of July 2010 at Gapara Shopping Centre, Shamva district a known Zanu PF supporter in the area allegedly requested to pray before the meeting commenced.

The man, according to the observer, asked God to punish those that have asked for sanctions by the death penalty. This was seen to be leading participants to promote the inclusion of the death penalty in the constitution as it is part of the talking points.


The monitor also noted that of the 104 people who attended the meeting only 8 people were contributing with the rest reduced to cheer leaders. However 2 of the 8 who were contributing were sent away when it was discovered that they were not from the area and that they were referring to party pamphlets which were confiscated by the team leaders prior to the commencement of the meeting.

In Mashonaland West, reports are that ZANU PF is allegedly planting members of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) at COPAC outreach meetings where they purport to be members of the particular community. At a meeting held in the Zvimba district, it was alleged that two people, one man and a woman attended a COPAC meeting where they were making contributions for each talking point.   COPAC officials only realized that the two were not part of the community when alarm was raised by participants after the meeting.

Among other things, the party is advocating for the following in the proposed constitution;
1.       Elaborate Presidential Powers
2.       99 year leases for farm owners
3.       Death penalty
4.       Mono-citizenship
5.       Centralised governance system
6.       Hybrid electoral system

At another meeting held in Mashonaland Central Province at Madziva Council grounds in Shamva district, 125 people (60 women, 59 men and 6 youths) attended. According to a Crisis Coalition observer, the meeting was highly emotional and characterized by hate speech towards 'white' Zimbabweans. Participants called for the renaming of resort areas such as Victoria Falls to Mbuya Nehanda. They also castigated the development of such sacred places into commercial resort destinations as this was seen as inimical to the expectations of spirit medium.

The observer also told The Coalition that participants went to town accusing Deputy Minister of Agriculture designate, Roy Bennett and the Minister of Education, Sports and Culture, Senator David   Coltart of continuously campaigning for the retention of sanctions with participants further calling for the setting up of an Anti-sanctions Commission.

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