COPAC resumes constitution making process

The Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (COPAC) this week resumed the constitution making process after almost two months of dormancy with the holding of a two day Thematic Committee Training Workshop from the 3rd to the 4th of May 2011. The training, attended by close to 600 people from political parties and civic society organizations, was meant to equip identified participants with requisite skills to work in the 17 thematic committees for the next 15 days.

According to an attendee, participants discussed the best way of identifying key issues that citizens raised during the COPAC Outreach meetings which ended more than two months ago and inputting them into a draft constitution.



The Coalition hopes that political parties will put their differences aside and prioritize national interest since the process is important in shaping the future of Zimbabwe. The constitution making process is part and parcel of the roadmap towards the holding of free and fair elections and hence must be given due respect.

Below are the 17 thematic committees:

1. Founding Principles of the Constitution

2. Arms of the State [Principle of the Separation of Powers]

3. Systems of Government

4. Bill of Rights and Citizenship

5. Women and Gender Issues

6. Youth

7. The Disabled

8. Media

9. War Veterans

10. Land, Natural Resources and Empowerment

11. Labour

12. Elections, Transitional Mechanisms and Independent Commissions

13. Executive Organs of the State [Public Service, Police, Defence, Prisons]

14. Public Finance

15. Traditional Institutions and Customs

16. Religion

17. Rights of Minorities and Languages

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