Zimbabwe elections before March 2012: Mugabe

Zimbabwe elections before March 2012: Mugabe
by Staff reporter

2011 September 02

Zanu-PF Presidential candidate and Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe says
the date for the holding of elections will not go beyond March next year.

Speaking at the Zanu-PF National Consultative Assembly meeting held at the
party headquarters in Harare this Friday, Mugabe said despite the MDC's
reluctance to have elections earlier for fear of losing, he will soon
announce the election date, which should not be beyond March 2012.

"Right now we cannot do it because we do not know how far the constitution
makers have gone and once the draft constitution has been formulated, at
that stage I will definitely announce the date for elections. We will not go
beyond that date once I announce it and it does not matter what others will
say, once I announce it, that's all. But we will not be unfair, we will give
ourselves sufficient time. I have the constitutional right to announce an
election date, whether in the GPA or no GPA," said President Mugabe.

The President said the MDC formations are making every effort to cling on to
the ramshackle inclusive government by trying to derail the constitution
making process, but reiterated that the marriage of convenience has run its
full course and should be discarded.

He added that his party has done everything to accommodate the unending and
concocted list of demands such as the MDC formations' push for security
sector reforms.

Such demands are meaningless as the Zimbabwe Defence Forces have been
invited on several united nations peacekeeping missions, a clear indication
of the force's professionalism, said Mugabe.

"We cannot continue like this when others continue with their demands for
security reforms, we don't do that. The security forces remain what they are
and they will not be tempered with by anyone,"  President Mugabe added.

The President revisited the issue of indigenisation, saying those who have
been given farms should not bring back the former oppressors as they have
not given up hope of recolonising Africa.

He gave example of Colonel Muammar Gadaffi, who was outwitted by the west
when they pretended to mend ties with him over Lockerbie while behind the
scenes they were organising the rebels who are now seeking to overthrow him.

The National Consultative Assembly was meeting for the 1st time this year
since the Mutare People's Conference in December last year which had come up
with resolutions anticipating the end of the illegal sanctions and holding
of elections before the end of 2011.

The meeting managed to update members on the situation in the party and
progress made since last year's party conference.

he meeting was held at a time the country is preparing for general elections
as well as the 2011-12 farming season.


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