Zambia's Electoral Process Commendable

Zambia's Electoral Process Commendable

As Zambians celebrate the ousting of President Rupiah Banda of the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) by Michael Sata's in Zambia's presidential elections, it is important to note that the victory will have an effect on Zimbabwe.

Zambia is celebrating a smooth transfer of power removing the MMD from the power for the second time since the end of one-party rule in 1991.

The Coalition applauds the Electoral Commission Zambia (ECZ) on the credible counting process of ballot papers that was conducted in an open and transparent manner. The hope now is that the new PF government will work towards ensuring a responsive, democratic governance process, which recognizes the sole responsibility of serving the interest of the Zambian people and the plight of the socially, politically and economically marginalized. The new government should also address challenges facing the Zambian populace such as unemployment, drug abuse, diseases and hyper-inflation. We hope that President Sata will rise above self aggrandizement and corruption by ensuring that the 7.6% economic growth translates into real transformation of the poor and the downtrodden Zambians.

Moreover, the tenacity made known by the people of Zambia and their yearning for the change of regime is commendable, praiseworthy and a lesson to Zimbabwe leaders that smooth transfer of power is the panacea to political violence and state destruction. Leaders must learn that in politics transferring power smoothly is not the end of the game. Leaders can lose today but can resurrect tomorrow.

Authorities running the transitional arrangement in Zimbabwe should note that Zimbabweans, the region and the rest of the world will not accept any electoral process that seeks to subvert the democratic sovereign will of the people as the country prepares for future elections.

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