Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's brief to civil society

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has just briefed civil society on
political developments at a meeting organised by the Christian Alliance
and Bulawayo Agenda in the city of Bulawayo and attended by various civic
organisations from different corners of the country. The Prime Minister
highlighted that:

1)The inclusive government is now winding up its business in preparation

for the general election

2)Civil society will be able to make comments and recommendations to the
second all stakeholders constitutional conference but amendments to the
Copac draft can only be effected by Parliament

3)The referendum  will be held in November  this year, which resonates
with the position put forward by President Mugabe in his recent court
application to have by-elections postponed

4)The Copac draft is a progressive document that should be supported by

5)Government has not agreed on the specific date for general elections

6)He prefers to have general elections in June 2013 in order to allow
ample time to operationalize the 'new constitution'.

The Prime Minister also responded to a number of quotidian concerns raised

by civil society around water shortages, decay of National Railways of
Zimbabwe (NRZ), dilapidated state of public roads and maternal health
care. In short, the Prime Minister promised to make a follow up with
relevant Ministries in-order to seek lasting solutions to the problems

As civil society we continue to urge the government to implement

democratic and economic reforms to establish a salubrious environment for
a competitive, free and fair election that will result in the instalment
of a people's government that can deal decisively and effectively with
Zimbabwe's crisis.

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