Glenview 29 Trial Update

Trial of the 29 Glenview residents charged with the murder of Inspector Petros Mutedza on the 29th of May 2011 continued today. The defence team led by Beatrice Mtetwa, cross examined Detective Chief Inspector Ntini who was the lead investigator in the case.

The report that Ntini submitted on the case was presented to the court together with reports written by Constable Victor Mafavhuke, Assistant Inspector Spencer Nyararai and the late Assistant Inspector Makura.

Detective Chief Inspector Ntinis' testimony in court, was adjudged by Defense Counsel Mtetwa, to have contradicted his case report and had a lot of loopholes, questioning the legitimacy of the investigation leading to the arrest of the Glenview 29. In his report Ntini stated that on the day when Petros Mutedza was murdered there were uniformed police, undercover police from the Central Intelligence Department and his informants, who he refused to identify. He confidently stated that his arrests were not based on speculations but from eyewitness accounts provided by his confidential informants and statements from the officers present.

When asked to identify his sources, he only identified Constable Victor Mafavhuke, Assistant Spencer Nyararai and Inspector Makura, whose reports were subsequently read to the court. All three reports however, stated clearly the absence of the named officers at the time of the murder. Constable Mafavhuke and Assistant Inspector Nyararai in their reports state that they only visited the area before Petros Mutedza was murdered and did not identify any of the accused. On the other hand, the late Inspector Makuras' report states that he only got to the scene when the alleged Glenview Activists alleged to have murdered Petros Mutedza had left the crime scene, and never had any contact with the alleged MDC activists at the scene.

Detective Chief Inspector Ntini refused to testify to his colleagues' reports, stating that," if that's what they reported then why dispute it".

He, however, alleged that other MDC activists had identified the accused, and implicated them in the murder of Inspector Mutedza leading to the arrest of the 29. Ntini was, however, challenged by the defense counsel to identify the anonymous MDC informants who helped him in his investigations so that they could testify to the Court; a request which he refused citing their safety.

Beatrice Mtetwa made the case that Detective Chief Inspector Ntini arrested the Glenview 29 based on speculation because his report and those of his colleagues didn't tally yet they were dealing with the same case. The lawyer further stated that Ntini's report failed to adhere to standard recommended police procedures, like

interviewing some of the accused, verifying some of the accused's alibis, forced indication per police instruction to the place of the scene and the failure to conduct a parade for the accused so that the accusers could testify is evidence

Mrs. Mtetwa further stated that it seemed that no proper investigations were done leading to the speculative conduct of investigations and arrest.

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