COPAC 2nd All Stakeholders Conference report finalised

COPAC Statement (1000kb pdf)

2nd All Stakeholders Conference Draft Report (704kb pdf)

Today, 7 November 2012, the Parliamentary Constitution Select Committee (COPAC) announced officially at a press conference held at Rainbow towers in Harare that the final report on the 2nd All Stakeholders' Conference (2nd ASC) , which was held in Harare on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2012, has been completed and will be presented to the Management committee.

According to the press statement, after the presentation to the Management Committee, the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Constitution will then "meet to resolve the disagreed issues".

After the afore-stated process, "A consolidated report on the constitution making process, together with the agreed draft new constitution will then be produced for submission to parliament", the statement from COPAC reads.

COPAC revealed that the report is divided into four parts. The 1st part of the report being the analysis of the 2nd ASC provides information on the composition as well as the accreditation and terms of reference for delegates who attended the conference. The 2nd part of the report is said to list all the areas where delegates did not recommend any changes to the draft. COPAC reported that the report indicates that these areas will be retained without changes in the draft new constitution to be presented to the Management committee. While the 3rd part contains areas where recommendations for changes to the Draft were made and agreed to, with the 4th part containing areas of the draft where changes were recommended but not agreed on.

When asked how long this process will take until the referendum, Hon Paul Mangwana stated that legally the process is supposed to take at least 3 months, but went onto express ignorance as to when exactly the referendum will be held, citing that the process of negotiations over considerations of recommendations were inevitable considering that it involves three political parties.

In some murky remarks, Hon Mangwana clawed back on the statements uttered by President Mugabe during the 2nd ASC opening ceremony that COPAC had no final say on the process but the Principles, by stating that, it is indeed true, that the Principles have been involved throughout the process and have always been represented by the negotiators. The statements, which were double edged, seemed to initially conform to Mugabe's statements, yet contradict him through asserting that the norm has been that the Principals have been involved through proxy by way of Negotiators, who are located in the Management Committee.

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