Glenview 29 trial update

The defence team for the Glenview 29, today, 7 November 2012 continued with the cross examination of Detective Chief Inspector Ntini.

In today's session the defense counsel questioned the arrest and incarceration of accused number 10, Cynthia Manjoro, who Ntini admitted to arresting because her car was seen driving off from the crime scene. In her statement, Cynthia Manjoro, told the police that on the day in question she and her son had been dropped off at church by one Darlington Madzonga, and was nowhere near the murder scene. Asked if this alibi was followed up Ntini told the court he had not made any follow up. When further asked to tell the court why an identification parade was not carried out the inspector could not give any reasons except that he was not aware of any documented statements from the accused complaining of this omission.

The defense counsel told the court that Cynthia Manjoro was arrested despite her giving the Investigating Officer full details about Darlington Madzonga whom she said was in possession of her car on the day. The defense counsel also told the court that Cynthia Manjoro was taken to Darlington's place of residence and upon realizing they could not gain entry told her to call him and tell him to hand over himself to secure her freedom. According to the defence this was overheard by Manjoro's brother, Steven Manjoro.

The inspector, however, told the court he was not aware of this incident as he was not present at that moment to which the defense counsel stated was an excuse since he could not dispute the given facts.

Steven Manjoro was also arrested because a vehicle registered in his name was seen near the crime scene, as confirmed by Ntini, although he was never identified as being present at the crime scene. Steven who was arrested by Inspectors Dowa and Makedenge accompanied by riot police testified on how he was tortured in room 93 of the C.I.D Law and Order offices and reported the torture. Detective Chief Inspector Ntini however denied any report being filed.

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