Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) on Monday the 30th of July 2012 launched the "Anti-Violence Crusade', a 30 minute documentary at the Harare Gardens. The documentary, which is predicated on statements against the use of violence in politics by the 3 Principles made at the 'Anti-violence Indaba'on the 11th of November 2011, is part of efforts that ZIMRIGHTS is making towards promoting peace and none-violence ahead of critical civillian political process, the constitutional referendum-expected in the 4th quarter of this year  and elections expected early in 2013.

The launch was attended by a cross section of Zimbabweans including members of parliament, ministers, representatives from civil society, JOMIC, ZEC, human rights commission, the media commission and war veterans.

ZimRights national director and Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition hairperson, Okay Machisa, in sharing the background to the documentary highlighted how it captures statements uttered by all principals to the GPA calling for peace and political tolerance, and how they will be taking the message to all corners of the country.

Chairperson of Zimrights Mr Everson Ndhlovu also highlighted that the documentary was provoked by the need to foster a culture of peace and accountability.  He stated that outside just sharing what the principles had said, the intention was also to build up popular preasure to hold them accountable on the basis of what they said. Mr. ndlovhu added:

"Let us draw lessons from our leaders, President Robert Mugabe has denounced violence and so has Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, so let us take this seriously €¦ Let us seek peace and justice for all, peace begins with us. €

Honourable Minister Sekai Holland, who was the guest of honour, acknowledged the documentary, highlighting that ZimRights has been one of the civil society organisations that has enabled the National Healing Organ to fulfil its mandate and anti-violence pledge of the Anti-violence Indaba Principals to the Global Political Agreement made in November 2011.

Minister Holland noted that the launch set a foundation of peace and tolerance in spite of political differences.

"As long as the deep culture of impunity, propensity for cyclic political violence, continues, we need to embrace the lessons that the launch carries, and allow it to serve as an advocacy tool to build a tolerant and peaceful environment which prepares Zimbabwe for a free and fair election. €

Speaking at the same event, Honorable Minister Eric Matinenga, applauded ZimRights efforts and urged the organisation to continue campaigning for justice, zero tolerence to impunity, restitution and truth telling ,where issues of violence are concerned.

In post screaning comments, some members of the audience, urged ZimRights to use community voices more, as well as commended the organisation for moving their advocacy firther by not just focusing on the bad things that leaders say, but also the good comitments they make, which they have to be held acountable for.

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