Glenview trial update

The trial of 29 Glenview residents (Glen View 29) charged with the Murder of Police Inspector Petros Mutedza continued today with the Defense Team led by Ms Beatrice Mtetwa, continuing with their cross examination of the Investigating officer, Detective Chief Inspector Clive Ntini.

For the past 2 weeks, the defense team has been challenging the arrest of the Glenview 29 and in today's session they asked Ntini to provide any form of evidence that could substantiate the arrest of accused number 26 Kerina Dhewa (57). Ms. Mtetwa challenged the arrest citing that the police reports indicated that the perpetratorswere "youths" andalso that MrsDhewa's verifiable alibi placed her away from the crime scene. Detective Chief Inspector Ntini's rebuttal to the abpove was simply that one of his anonymous informants had seen Kerina Dhewa fleeing from the scenewhen police arrived.

The defense team also challenged the arrest ofSolomon Madzore, the President of the MDC-T Youth Assembly, questioning why Madzore had been arrested at a later date than the other accused persons. Defense Counsel showed Ntini, Solomon Madzore's remand statement which stated that:

"They then approached Youth Leaders accused number 1, Solomon Madzore and two others Robert Manyengavana and Paul Gorekore who are still at large and asked them to disperse peacefully since their gathering was not sanctioned."

The above statement was written on the 9th of October 2011, and mirrored an initial statement made on the 27th of July 2011regarding the initial 27 accused excluding The Youth Assembly president Solomon Madzore.

On being questioned as to which police officers had approached the youth leaders, Ntini named them as the late Inspector Chikura, Assistant Inspector Spencer Nyararai and Constable Mafavhuke. However during their testimonies, all the Officers had confirmed the absence of Solomon Madzore.

Ntini was pressed on his source of Information, and why if he had such information Solomon Madzore had not been arrested at the initial sweep, to which he insited that the information implicating Mr. madzore had been additional Information from his unidentified Informant.

The trial is set to resume tomorrow at 1000hrs.

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