Zimbabwe March 16 Referendum Incident Reports

Incident reports:


Chivi - The voting process at Mutoti polling station started at 7am and unaccredited political party representatives who wanted to observe the process were turned away.


Mash West, Kariba - 4 people were arrested for putting up posters yesterday. The four persons were apprehended today when they went to the polls to cast their votes. Names are Nomatter Makwasha, Vincent Mpofu, William Zvavahera (police looking for George Masendu) accused of putting posters close to a polling station yesterday and were being held at Mahombokombe Police Station and released the evening of the 16th of March 2013.


A lot of ZRP at polling stations in Norton and Harare €¦the number is worrisome, some of them inside others outside.


Samson Magura apprehended by the police and is being detained.


Zengeza, Seke, Bikita and Chipinge - were there are people taking down names and details of people who are either going to or leaving polling stations. The reasons are not yet known.


Beitbridge East- Voting at Malape and Chitulipasi centers has not yet started as the car ferrying ZEC officials was involved in an accident and voters have been milling around the polling stations since 7am.


Beitbridge- The voting process at all other voting centers started at 7am, no local and SADC observers were present yet. In ward 15 Shabwe village, the villagers were given forms by headmen aligned to ZANU PF to give out to people so they fill in stating whether they voted YES or NO.


Headlands- An MDC District Secretary   for Headlands who resides in Ward 13, Samson Magura was abducted this morning by suspected ZANU PF activists. His whereabouts are still unknown.


Chimanimani- Voting started at 7am and people are voting peacefully at Magistrate Court polling station in Ward 7. The majority of voters are youths and there are 10 police officers at the station . There is only 1 local   observer and the SADC observers are not yet there.


Buhera South - Ward 33, the voting process started at 7am and people are voting peacefully. The unaccredited observers from political parties have been asked to keep a distance of 300m where they are mobilizing people to go and vote YES. The accredited observers are not yet at the polling stations.


Mutare -Polling stations in the Central Business District have no queues, voters are walking in to cast their votes freely. Voting started at 7am and there are no incidences of political violence so far.


Harare province - Eastridge Primary School polling station. Two ZimRights employees have been arrested for taking pictures at a polling station (Hillside Ward) Source of information is ZimRights.


Mashonaland West- Sanyati at Chakari €¦Six ZPF supporters were turned away from a polling station because they were wearing their party regalia. On their way from the polling station they assaulted an MDC supporter and they have since been arrested.


Masvingo- Mashava, Crispen Nhedza an MDC-T member was arrested for sticking posters near a polling station.


Mashonaland Central- An MDC-T member was arrested because he was wearing an MDC-T t-shirt inside his shirt when he went to vote at the polling station. Polling station Mushambanyama.


Manicaland, Buhera- A village head went to the polling station with some of his villagers whom he orderd to vote NO.


Mashonaland Central- Tsone Village, A village head was ordering villagers to vote NO. The polling station is at Kabombo, Ward 24.


Chitungwiza- Harare, St Mary's (ward 5) A ZESN observer who is visually impaired who had an aid with him was forced to vote in the presence of returning officer and the police


Mashonaland West- Mutorashanga (Ward 33) 5 youths taking down people's names at Webster Farm who are taking voters names 200 meters away from the polling station.


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