SADC: Please stop ZANU PF madness

Since the 18th of July when COPAC finally released the draft constitution, newspapers and other social media platforms have been awash with comments, statements and other innuendos regarding the actual state of the constitution making process. While the two main MDC parties are busy celebrating a feat for having produced the draft, ZANU PF is busy reconsidering amending the same draft, a tomfoolery exercise meant to please their geriatric leader who is so desperate to cling to power by any means necessary.

After a weekend of 'serious' deliberations on the draft, ZANU PF Chief negotiator, Hon. Chinamasa told the press that they had accepted 97% of the draft constitution and were yet to discuss the 3% with a view of finalising the whole consultation process. Little did Zimbabweans expect ZANU PF to throw in another hew to the whole process, but as history would testify, they had other plans. The ZANU PF Spokesperson, Honourable Rugare Gumbo announced that as a party they did not subscribe to the contents of the draft and that they would sit as the politburo and deliberate on the matter once again. They spent 50 hours deliberating and came up with several amendments which are yet to be made public, probably after the Maputo SADC Summit.

Now we hear that ZANU PF Politburo has once again shredded the draft constitution and possibly went to Maputo with its own draft. What angers level minded Zimbabweans and fellow Global citizens who do not subscribe to Mugabe and his acolytes' chicanery is the fact that the current draft is a product of all three political parties in the GPA.  The document carries views from the people, while it also has another chunk which reflects a process of negotiations among the three main Zimbabwean political parties in.

It is shocking by any measure that ZANU PF wants this draft to simply protect Mugabe's executive powers. Constitutions are made for posterity and for all and not for individuals who are drunk with excessive power. The hardliner stance that is being sponsored by Professor Jonathan Moyo can only succeed in a nazist and fascist world and not in Zimbabwe. Jonathan Moyo must be reminded that his bag of tricks is now empty and no reasonable Zimbabwean will listen to a perpetual political prostitute who sucks the bottom of the one who holds the purse.

If ZANU PF wants a ZANU PF constitution then they should be brave enough to tell the people of Zimbabwe that the new constitution will be a ZANU PF document. This idea of subjecting the people to a fake process cannot be condoned. The negotiation process was done in good faith with all political parties seconding preferred representatives. Isn't it the same Chinamasa who negotiated the GPA on behalf of ZANU PF, is he not the same Chinamasa who crafted and negotiated the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Bill and The Electoral Amendment Act? Is he not the same Chief Negotiator who has delayed the passing of the Public Order and Security Act Amendment Bill for the sake of ZANU PF? Is it about the Draft constitution or there is something big that the naked eye cannot see.

The ZANU PF Spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo must be reminded that the Zimbabwean people are not powerless and when the time comes ZANU PF will get its verdict. Nicholas Goche and Patrick Chinamasa were seconded by ZANU PF to be part and parcel of the COPAC Management Committee. These representatives had to negotiate based on advice and instruction given by their superiors, given this background, it can then not be true that ZANU PF did not know what was being negotiated. This is why it is necessary to hasten the process of culling the old guard in ZANU PF because they have simply lost the plot, while they continue to subvert the will of the people.      Section 5.5(2) which should have been interpreted as a message of deliverance by ZANU PF leadership particularly those who had headaches about succession or life after Mugabe is one of the areas that Zanu PF is said to be trying to push out of the draft constitution.

Now for ZANU PF to come up with an alternative draft is just another childish act that should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. SADC must be firm with Mugabe and his ZANU PF. The regional Body should tell Mugabe that the time for games is over and the people of Zimbabwe need a break. Mugabe must comply with the Luanda June 1st SADC Troika Communiqué. Mugabe must allow for the smooth completion of the constitution making process and make sure that credible elections are held within twelve months under a new regime of reforms. SADC has no mandate to even look at a ZANU-PF document which is being falsely portrayed as a draft constitution, while in actual fact it is a product of nocturnal political party machinations meant to derail the course of progress which has convinced Zimbabwean citizens that indeed there is a light at the end of the tunnel. SADC must stop this ZANU PF madness if Zimbabwe is to realise the strategic objective of the current transition which is to see a democratic Zimbabwe.

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