ZANU PF's amendments to the COPAC draft Constitution

Professor Welshman Ncube, President of the MDC, has been tweeting changes that have been effected onto the COPAC Draft. Below is a list of some of the amendments he says ZANU PF made to the draft, as extracted from his twitter feed (@Welshman_Ncube). The stated amendments can also be gleaned through following the following harsh tag #zanupfamendments.

According to Professor Welshman Ncube ZANU PF has:

1. Removed devolution entirely from the draft and deleted all references to devolution.

2. Removed the Peace and Reconciliation Commission.

3. Removed all indigenous languages from being official languages

4. Introduced mandatory National youth service

5. Removed the open, transparent and public interview process for appointment of judges and replaced it with a Presidential appointment

6. Done away with a separate Constitutional Court. Replaced it with Supreme Court doubles up as a Constitutional Court

7. Banned dual citizenship for those who are Zimbabwean citizens by descent or registration

8. Mutilated the Bill of rights in many places including by deleting all references to democratic society

9. Redefined agricultural land to include any land used for poultry so that they would be able to take any building used to rear chickens

10. Taken out the Presidential running mate provisions and replaced them with the current system with the new provision that in the event of the office becoming vacant the replacement will be chosen by the party to which the President belonged.

11. Reposed all executive authority in the President by deleting the provision which vested it in the President and Cabinet

12. Reconstituted the imperial Presidency by restoring virtually all the current Presidential powers and added the new provision that Cabinet can only exercise authority under the direction of the President.

13. Restored the current Presidential immunity provisions

14. Restored the Presidential power to declare war without any restraint or constraint

15. Made all state institutions subject to the obligation to promote and defend the values of the liberation struggle

16. Stripped the Speaker of the National Assembly of all administrative powers and vested these in the Clerk of Parliament

17. Increased the composition of Senate by four

18. Re-introduced unfettered Powers of the President to dissolve Parliament at his or her whim

19. Put one Chief into the Judicial Service Commission

20. Removed provisions limiting Permanent Secretaries to two five year terms

21. Taken out provisions requiring a law to regulate the CIO, requiring the CIO to be non-partisan, professional and national in character

22. Inserted provisions requiring independent commissions and judiciary to promote and be guided by the ideals and values of liberation struggle

23. Re-introduced the useless and failed office of Public Protector

24. Removed the democratic provisions for the appointment of the anti-corruption commission

25. Deleted provisions establishing independent prosecuting authority and re-established the present political office of attorney general

26. Restored the untrammelled power of the Minister of local government to dismiss elected mayors and councillors

27. Restored Provincial Governors appointed at the sole discretion of the President

28. Restored the total centralization in the appointment and removal of traditional leaders

29. Removed need for the equitable sharing of national revenues between the national government, provincial and local authorities

30. Severely restricted the right to access to information.

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