Riot police infest Glenview for inspection in loco

The ongoing Trial of the Glenview 29 resumed yesterday the 26th of June 2012 with an Inspection in Loco carried out at the scene of the murder of police Inspector Petros Mutedza in May last year. The inspection caused commotion at the Glenview 3 Shops with a heavy riot police presence which intimidated residents in the area. Glenview 3 residents and journalists were forced to vacate the area leaving only the defense team, state prosecutor, state witnesses, the High court judge and the accused Glenview 29 who were clamped in heavy chains.
Three of the State witnesses Constable Solomon Mushaninga, Assistant Inspector Spencer Nyararai and Joshua Daka were called upon to give their indications by the High Court Judge, Justice Chinembiri Bhunu. The three state witnesses however gave contradicting indications of what transpired on the particular day of the incident. They had different indications of where the MDC activists were stationed on the day in question. Constable Mushaninga pointed out that when the police arrived at Munyarari bar situated at the Glenview 3 shopping centre, there were vendors and ordinary residents going about their day to day business. This however contradicted with Assistant Inspector Spencer Nyararai's statement who testified that there was no one around the area when they got to the murder scene of the incident except for a mob of about 80-100 MDC activists who were wearing MDC regalia. This however is a point to reckon with as the three State witnesses were together on the fateful day of the incident yet they have been giving contradicting statements showing that the accusations placed on the Glenview 29 are false and planned meant to destroy MDC party activists in Glenview.
The past three weeks has seen only six state witnesses appearing before the court out of a total of twenty one. This process is disheartening considering the amount of contradicting evidence being placed before the courts by these state witnesses. The accusations seem to be another plot by Zanu pf and the Judiciary system meant at intimidating and instilling fear among innocent civilians. The knowledge that the police state witnesses have over the accused is pure evidence of police profiling.
Meanwhile the defends team awaits High Court Judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu to approve the Application for Leave in order for the Glenview 29 to be granted bail at the Supreme Court. The proceedings were deferred to today, Wednesday the 27th of June at the High Court.

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