World Health Day: More Health Progress Still Needed in Zimbabwe

As the world celebrated the international World Health Day on Sunday April 7 2013 - despite the  significant changes since the formation of the Inclusive Government (IG) more work needs to be done to improve provision of the  public service, said the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) Spokesperson Thabani Nyoni.


Nyoni, who is also the Bulawayo Agenda (BA) Director, said that more work needed to be done to bring good health services to the poorest, especially those in the rural areas where the majority of Zimbabweans reside.

(Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) Spokesperson Thabani Nyoni)


"The situation of the health care system remains challenged even after years of assistance from various UN agencies especially under the Inclusive Government. The hospitals remain arguably without adequate infrastructure, manpower and supplies.

"The infant and maternal mortality rates remain more precarious than a safe zone for the country.

"The private hospitals and the Mission ones remain some of the well-run compared to government health institutions. But the issue about health is not just about price and quality, it includes accessibility concerns, € said Nyoni.


Nyoni said the people in the rural areas remained hard hit by health accessibility challenges because of the long distances most of them will have to travel to the nearest health centers - which is worsened by the poor road networks and low transport availability.

"People in rural areas walk very long distances to the nearest health center which will be in most cases a low profile clinic only to be referred to the major city hospitals if they make it, € the Crisis Coalition spokesperson said.

As recent as late 2012, the country struggled with the provision of ARVs, a situation which caused fury as the affected and infected people took to the streets against the National Aids Council (NAC).


HIV/Aids together with cancer remain in need of serious and sustained strategies towards eradication though the country's struggling finance and uncertain political stability remain a hindrance to the necessary progress.


The provision of clean water has also been the Inclusive Government's challenge, leading to typhoid outbreaks even in the capital Harare.


The International Commemoration which is observed on the founding anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO) - formed on April 7, 1948 - was held under the theme 'High Blood Pressure'.


The theme tried to put on the spotlight the heart related disease which is scientifically linked to stress and ostensibly stress coping habits such as smoking and drinking that may be in countries such as Zimbabwe as a result of economic distress.


Africa and Asia have the highest recorded incidence of the condition in current times.

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