RDP Youth League calls for unity among Youths in the Region

The Rally for Democracy and Progress Youth League (RDPYL) has called for young people to unite and raise volume on the issues that affect young people in Southern Africa. Speaking during a "Youths to Youths € engagement with their Zimbabwean counterparts the Namibian youths agreed to amplify the voices of young people and implore Liberation movements in the region   to be more accountable to the people or equally face the wrath of the people.

Flanked by RDP Administrative Officer, Kela Hamutenya, and RDPYL Secretary for Information and Publicity for Khomas Region, Jason Haifiku and RDP Deputy Head of Treasury, Cde Jore Marvin Veseevete, the RDP Youths League Secretary for Information decried the appalling levels of corruption and neglect of young people by the old guard in the region.

"Liberation movements have been taking young people for granted. They have messed up our lives and if they are not stopped they might mess up our future. We must put an end to this by getting united and wage a strong youth's front in the region which sets democracy as the rallying point. We cannot accept the old adage that we are leaders of tomorrow. We are the present leaders and we must rescue the region from the jaws of dictatorship so that young people can have space for self- determination €, said Veseete.

The Zimbabwe Youths delegation met the RDPYL at their offices in Olympia Suburb, Windhoek in Namibia on December 11, 2012.The delegation comprised of Director for National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) Liberty Bhebhe, Female Students Network (FSN) representative, Chiedza Chiwetu and Nixon Nyikadzino, from Crisis Coalition. The delegation encouraged young Namibians     to be unwavering in pushing for a positive agenda for the youths. They informed the RDPYL that they are in Namibia to interact and get to know each other better. Liberty Bhebhe, who is the Head of the Delegation, briefed his colleagues about the situation in Zimbabwe.

"As young people in Zimbabwe, our main fear is that we might go to an election without the requisite reforms as dictated by the regional block and the Global Political Agreement (GPA). We fear that if that happens there is likelihood that the youths will be abused by politicians as agents of violence without ascending to any meaningful positions of authority. The Inclusive government of Zimbabwe must be seized with making sure that reforms are in place before the next election €, said Bhebhe.

In addition, Bhebhe called for the finalisation of the constitution making process, elimination of State sponsored violence, full   implementation of electoral reforms, security sector realignment , security of persons, transparency in management of natural resources and a non partisan empowerment of young people.

FSN representative, Chiedza Chiwetu bemoaned the politicisation of scholarships in Zimbabwe and abuse of female students at institutions of Higher learning. She called for the creation of a platform for information sharing for female students in the SADC region.

"I am convinced that the problems we face in Zimbabwe both as young people and female students are similar to what our colleagues experience here in Namibia and as such there is need for a deliberate attempt to collectively push for platforms which seek to empower young women to voice their concerns and be heard. We are invincible if we are united €, Chiwetu emphasised.

RDP Deputy Head of Treasury Cde Jore encouraged the Zimbabwe delegation to be stronger and to continuously share information with colleagues in the region.

€Information is power .Once we know what is happening in Zimbabwe; we are able to engage with our government and encourage them to support the people of Zimbabwe for the benefit of the region. We are here to help. Please feel at home. You are not foreigners here in Namibia, We are brothers and sisters €, Jore emphasised.

Cde Jore promised to facilitate sending an RDPYL delegation to Zimbabwe to interact with progressive Zimbabwean youths so that a stronger umbilical cord is built between young Namibians and their Zimbabwean counterparts. The RDPYL Secretary for Information, promised to draft a solidarity statement for the Zimbabwean youths which would be sent to the Namibian press for publication.

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