Political Temperatures Heating Up In Marambapfungwe

Political temperatures are heating up in Marambapfungwe, Mashonaland East despite calls for peace and tolerance among political parties. It is alleged that Zanu-PF mafia under the operative gang 'Jambanja' comprised of Monday Kufuka (Zanu PF Youth Chairperson), Chief Joshua Chinhenga, Headman Isaac Chirinda and Owen Marekera have engaged on terror campaign, burning homesteads of suspected MDC-T supporters in Chirinda village.

In an interview with the Crisis Report Team, Mr Jainos Musona, a villager in the area confirmed that Monday Kufuka and his accomplices burnt Mr Alvison Kazembe's house on the 5th of April this year in a bid to punish him for being affiliated to the MDC-T and to set him as an example of what happens to those who defy ZANU-PF authority. To add insult to injury Chief Joshua Chinhenga and headman Isaac Chirinda both self-proclaimed supporters of Zanu PF denied him the right to his land which he had been farming on for the past three years. The land was later rewarded to Owen Marekera one of the architects of torture in Marambapfungwe. Despite reporting the matter to the police, no action has been taken against the terror group. In another similar incident, the same Mafia group also burnt the house belonging to Cephas Maorera in the Chinhenga homestead on the 20th of June 2012.

The 'Jambanja' group is reported to have vowed to continue intimidating villagers affiliated to any other political parties demanding that failure to comply will result in them being displaced to other areas where they are allowed to support any other party that is not ZANU-PF.

The 'Jambanja' gang is reported to be behind a spate of violence in many parts of Murehwa and also is reported to be forcing villagers to attend their rallies. The sprouting up of groups like 'Jambanja' is fast spreading structures of violence by non-state actors supported by ZANU PF and given logistical support by the state security agents. Such groups which take up a serious and sinister form of organised violence have the potential to take Zimbabwe down the path of serious violence which will be difficult to control or end. As such the police need to take immediate action to bring perpetrators of violence to book.

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