Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Launches Pre-Election Report

THE Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiCZ) launched an illuminating pre-election research report titled, 'Pre-Election Detectors: Zanu-PF's attempt to reclaim political legitimacy' on Wednesday April 10 at an event attended by academics, the media and members of the Civil Society. The event took place at the Sapes Trust in Harare.


The CiCZ pre-election report, which was commissioned to and carried out by the CiCZ Regional Coordinator Dr Phillan Zamchiya with the assistance of Mr. Innocent Kasiyano, sheds light into the party's strategies ahead of watershed elections expected later in 2013.

(WOZA Leaders present at the Launch)

Dr Zamchiya who gave a speech about the thrust of the report at the event said: "Whilst I agree that state sponsored violence is endemic in Zimbabwe, my proposition is that political behavior is not static.


"Authoritarian regimes do decide to adopt and drop certain political strategies of manipulating elections due to context.

"From my research findings, I argue that Zanu-Pf is embarking on a more sophisticated and multi-pronged approach to cover its terror tactics in order to re-gain political legitimacy, € Dr. Zamchiya said.


Dr. Zamchiya dispelled what he saw as the myth "that Zanu-Pf will go for a liberal democratic election as argued by optimists €, or that the party "will go for a closed authoritarian election as advanced by pessimists. €


He asks rhetorically: "Pitted between a rock and a hard place, what strategies can Zanu-Pf use in the next harmonized election? €


The report is part of a pre-electoral series and it shall be followed by other related researches. It is now available for distribution.

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