Jabulani Sibanda at it again

ZANU PF self proclaimed war  veterans' leader Jabulani Sibanda has threatened to unleash a reign of terror across Zimbabwe as he ups his violent campaign to bolster Zanu PF's image ahead of elections.

Sibanda had been based in Masvingo for a long time but moved his base to Hurungwe, Mashonaland West province where he is using intimidation tactics to force villagers to rally behind Zanu PF. Villagers are reportedly being forced to attend his meetings through the use of partisan  traditional leaders and war veterans. This is against the right to freedom of association and assembly and the police must safeguard the rights of citizens.

Controversial Sibanda allegedly warned Hurungwe villagers that the former liberation war fighters would deal with sell-outs who want to reverse the gains of the country's independence in the next election.

For over a year notorious war veteran leader Jabulani Sibanda has been camped in the Masvingo province, rounding up and terrorizing civil servants, traditional leaders and villagers. His endless rallies and meetings disguised as history lessons, had one clear message, vote for ZANU PF or face violent retribution. Meantime Sibanda has instructed chiefs in the province to compile a list of all MDC-T supporters in Masvingo. He has issued threats that ZANU PF will deal with them at the appropriate time. Sibanda grew unpopular when he launched a campaign called "Operation Kubudirana Pachena € alleging there was a lot of rot in the ZANU-PF party. He said the top brass in the Masvingo province, including politburo members, were lying to people and his operation to expose the truth about the effects of the party's wayward actions. Following this, Sibanda was ordered to leave the province by the end of June 2011. Instead of vacating as ordered, Sibanda's group threatened violence against the local party leadership.

His continued intimidation and failure by the police to stop him from terrorising villagers is a cause for concern. This is political harassment ahead of speculations of elections and police should of exercise their constitutional duty by arresting Sibanda and stopping this madness.

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