According to Peter Chabveka, Councillor for Ward 17, Mudzi North in Mashonaland East, Mudzi continues to be a Hotbed of Politically motivated violence. The Councillor has reported that Politically Motivated violence has failed to subside in the area, especially, following the death of Cephas Magura, a 67 year old MDC T Councillor for Ward 1, who was murdered in cold blood on June 26 2012 by suspected ZANU PF youths as part of their successful attempt to disrupt a police sanctioned meeting by the party.

In an interview with the Crisis Report Team, Councillor Chabveka expressed great concern and distress that inspite of efforts by JOMIC to cultivate peace in the area, violence was still on the upsurge, with no signs of letting up. Councillor Chabveka alleged that the politically motivated violence was being speared by one Tatenda Kangora - ZANU PF Youth Officer formerly Chairperson for Mudzi District. The councillor reported that as recently as the 5th of September 2012 Kangora and his cohorts, physically assaulted Claudius Nyamudandara, a village headman, at Chief Rapuchirapu's homestead in the Jigu area of Mudzi. The beating was based on allegations that the headman was sympathetic to MDC supporters. Nyamudandara is said to have been labelled a 'sell out' to the gains of the liberation struggle because of his connivance with the MDC, to influence the locals into supporting MDC. Kangora is alleged to have blocked attempts by sympathisers to have Nyamudandara have access to medical treatment from the local clinic, by threatening the authorities with the same fate if they attended to him.

The ZANU PF Youth Chairperson Kangora is said to have been aided by Tendai Chera and Michael Kambadza, also of ZANU PF, who are reported to have been pioneers of the terror campaign in the region. The ZANU PF youths who are believed to be sponsored by Member of Parliament for Mudzi North Constituency Honourable Newton Kachepa have been reported to be targeting Chiefs who are accommodative to MDC supporters.

Councillor Chabveka added that

"What is more disturbing is that the Zimbabwe Republic Police in the area has done nothing about these Zanu PF sponsored incidences of violence. €

Nyamudandara's public assault is said to have been reported at Mukota Police Station, who referred the case to Nyamapanda Police Station were the Officer Commanding, one   Madzikanda , expressed reluctance to investigate. The Officer is alleged to have previously allowed such incidences to go on without bringing the   perpetrators to book.

The Kangoro led ZANU PF   Youth Militia is believed to have been the reason that resulted in the fleeing of Dr Mashaka, who was a medical practitioner at Kotwa General Hospital during 2008's violent elections. He was known to have been strongly against and publicly condemned the acts of torture and human rights violations during the 2008 Presidential runoff. Because of the terror in the area, Kotwa hospital is said to have failed to attract a replacement for Dr. Mashaka.

In a separate incident, the son of the late Councillor Mugara, Mike Magura, was arrested in the afternoon of the 12th September, by Mudzi Police at the Truck Stop Shopping Centre parking bay at Nyamapanda Boarder Post. He had gone to Nyamapanda Police to enquire on progress with regards to investigations around his fathers death.. The arrest occurred after he was involved in a tussle with two ZANU PF members only identified as Kambambaira and Bob who had been there at the time his father was killed. They had tried to intimidate and harass him, while mocking him about his father's death. This resulted in a tussle and his subsequent arrest. He is scheduled to appear at Kotwa Circuit Court at the government complex for an initial remand hearing.


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