Glen View 29 Trial Update

The bail application for the 29 MDC members who are facing 'trumped up' charges of murdering a police officer in Glen View, continued today with Tichaona Mutedza, the young brother of the late Inspector Petros Mutedza being cross examined by the State Prosecutor, Edmore Nyazemba.

Under cross-examination, Tichaona Mutedza reiterated what he had said in his initial testimony   the previous week, that he had the opportunity to view his deceased brother's body and noted the injuries his late brother sustained were different from what the police report stated. Furthermore, Mutedza claimed that the police refused to show him the results of the post mortem at the time they came out.

"I was told by the police officers that my brother had been struck once on the left side of the head. However, when I saw his body at the mortuary his chest had blood flowing down to his private parts. I then examined his body and observed that his private parts were missing while his police uniform was torn with the buttons missing," said Mutedza.

The state prosecutor further produced photos of the deceased's body, which were shown to Tichaona Mutedza, the Defense counsel and the judge. Tichaona stated that he doubted the authenticity of the images, as they did not depict the actual injuries on his brother's body such as open holes stuffed with cotton wool on the right cheek and the cut sustained at the back of his head.

State prosecutor Nyazemba also produced the Post Mortem-Report to which the late Inspector Mutedza's brother, alleged had some information missing, most notably that of the missing genitalia. Quizzed on why he did not seek clarification on the information surrounding his brother's death. The Late Inspector Mutedza's brother argued that the state had been dragging its feet, and also that his family could not make a formal report to the police about these inconsistencies because there were too many state and ZANU PF officials involved in the case. Tichaona Mutedza testified that he strongly believed that his brother was murdered by ZANU-PF people, even though he was a Police Inspector. Under oath, Tichaona further claimed that on various occasions threats had been issued to his family and cited one DCC chairperson Mr Chinorwamoto as one of the people who issued the threats. Mutedza also told the court that before this tragic death, he had been informed that his brother's life was in danger and strongly believed that there was a sinister ploy to murder his brother.

Tichaona Mutedza ended his testimony by imploring the court to release the 29 suspects from custody as they, according to him, did not play a part in the death of his brother,

The case is set to continue on the 18th of September 2012 at 1400hrs

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