A cry for JUSTICE to be done for 29 Jailed MDC activists

When I attended the first High Court hearing of the alleged case of murder leveled against the so-called 29 Glen View activists on 12 March 2012, I thought we were now getting to end of the long and painful time of having this issue hanging on our minds.   Little did I know that the journey was probably just beginning at a higher level of the justice system?

At this hearing, the State announced the 19th of March 2012, as the trial date to which the accused persons' lawyers requested for more time to enable them to get statements from the accused persons on the charges being leveled against them.   In all fairness and just, the accused persons' lawyers requested for more time to allow them to get adequate information from the accused persons in the safe environment of their homes.   That meant that the accused persons would be able to say their side of the story without fear or any reservations.   I also hoped that the granting of bail to the accused persons would not take long since they had already been out on bail before they were served with indictment papers.

Subsequently, the submissions and deliberations on the bail application were finally heard on 22 March 2012, after more than six (6) postponements by the High Court and the trial date still remains unknown.

Much to my surprise the judge's announcement was the worst outcome I had ever anticipated on that 22nd day of March 2012 where he announced that judgment was "postponed indefinitely. €   It sounded like a spear piercing my heart.   This was really horrific!   I could not comprehend that because; the same State which talked of "Justice delayed is justice denied € now seems to be the perpetrator of that denial of justice to people who are falsely accused of murder.

I am very disappointed by the delays caused by our country's judiciary system in resolving cases and the selective application of the law.   God created Zimbabwe and all that is in it, seen or unseen.   He bestowed rights on each and every human being and which rights are supposed to be upheld by our leaders and the judiciary system. Zimbabwe should not be like "an animal farm € where some animals are more equal than others.

It is my hope that the concerned authorities will expedite this case so that these accused persons' and their families can have peace of mind when they are finally all reunited again.

In God I trust that we will all work as one in making our country a democratic country and uphold the professionalism required in the execution of our duties in each and every sector of the economy. The question I always ask myself is:   WHEN IS THIS KIND OF PERSECUTION COMING TO AN END?

Anonymous - Concerned Citizen

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