Epworth residents demand clarity on the Constitution making process

On the 19th of March 2012 Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition held a community meeting in Overspill, Epworth. The meeting sought to inform the people on the progress of the Constitution making process following the recent unveiling of the official constitution draft charter by the Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC), as well as get an overview of Epworth residents' opinion regarding the process. The meeting held in conjunction with the Students Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (SCMZ) had an attendance of 54 people including 35 men and 19 women.

The people of Epworth expressed concern over the prolonged constitution making process, the release of leaked drafts by the state media and ZANU-PF's rejection of the recently released constitution. Members of the Epworth community also raised concern over the misinformation peddled by elements in ZANU-PF about the draft before demanding factual information from the media on the exact stage of the constitution making process.

At the same meeting, participants highlighted that the government has an obligation to take steps towards the full realization of economic, social and cultural rights by all appropriate means. They also noted that the inclusion of economic, social and cultural rights in the constitution is one of the measures that the state can take to satisfy its people.

The participants also demanded:

  • Electoral, security and political reforms ahead of the holding of elections
  • Protection of civilians from violence and intimidation especially when a clear date for elections is announced.
  • That all military personnel must restrict their activities to their constitutional mandate and separate themselves from politics and from interference in political and electoral affairs.
  • That those who were involved in the 2008 violence must be arrested as they still roam the community freely intimidating people.

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