No to self-serving politics

No to self-serving politics

"We say no to self serving actions which politicians continue to practice daily at the expense of people they represent. €

The above were sentiments were raised at a community theatre forum held by Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition in collaboration with Savannah Trust on the 9th of June 2012 in Karereshi (Magunje) in Mashonaland West Province. The forum was attended by a total of 72 people (35 women and 37 men) including headmen, Chiumbe, Chitembe and Munjinjima.

The Coalition and Savannah Trust drama group staged a play entitled "Simudza Mureza € which encourages Zimbabweans to participate meaningfully in national processes such as elections at the same time discouraging the use of politically motivated violence.

The people of Karereshi spoke openly against the partisan distribution of agricultural inputs and condemned the push by ZANU PF and the two Movement for Change (MDC) formations to increase the number of Members of Parliament in the constitution.

"For a long time politicians have been abusing the government agricultural input scheme for self serving purposes and also the scheme is largely partisan, € said headman Chitembe. Participants at the meeting called for the government to stop the agricultural input scheme and investigate the allegations of partisanship and abuse of inputs levelled against the politicians.

The Magunje community also objected to the move by politicians to increase the number of MPs and ministers to serve their interest indicating that only a few of these MPs are actually doing work in their constituencies.

It was also reported that ZANU PF's self proclaimed leader of war veterans Jabulani Sibanda and soldiers were holding meetings in the area and instructing people to vote for President Mugabe and ZANU PF at the next elections.   However participants at the meeting pledged that despite the violence and intimidation in the area they will continue to participate in national processes and pushing for the development of their area. The meeting also urged Ministers to hold consultative meetings in communities so that people would tell them what they want and input on what they are already doing.

The following issues also emerged at the meeting:

  • NO democratic reforms,   NO elections
  • Security of persons should be guaranteed   before, during and after elections

  • COPAC should deliver the constitution that guarantees the will of the people before elections
  • Political parties and politicians should stop using youths to instigate violence in communities.

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