True and profound leadership begins at home

"I think the world today is upside-down. It is suffering so much because there is so little love in the home and family life. We have no time for our children. We have no time for each other. We have no time for our greater goals and needs. And the lack of love causes so much suffering and unhappiness in the world." - Mother Teresa. Today's world is all about wealth creation, the next best thing for me, it is about pursuing our next BIG breakthrough. Where are the children in this picture of big dreams? Will we be able to explain to the future generation why we failed to create a lasting legacy whilst we were too busy for them and opted for other priorities at their expense? Whilst we clamor for good governance at national and international levels, we have managed to be great leaders elsewhere but our own homes"¦..

Take a moment to reflect on your life and the statements above. Africa and the world at large are having problems because of a number of reasons best known to each one of us. However, today, we will take some time to look at how we have all failed to lead nations because of the disintegrated nature of our personal lives! The reason we see angry, bitter, cruel, inconsiderate and way wayward people in society is because something has gone utterly wrong in the family and home set up. One of the reasons why politicians loot the way they do and own towns and cities is because something went wrong during their sovereign foundations and now nations have to suffer for that wrong upbringing!

Zimbabwe is a beautiful nation, with warm and welcoming people, endowed with natural beauty of flora and fauna, I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. However, Zimbabwe is where it is today - going down the drain- as a result of people who have lost control of their appetites at different levels and now we mourn the loss of humanity. Mother Teresa, am sure had seen that it is important to grow children in a way that would enable them to become responsible adults. However, when this does not happen, we have a scenario of what is currently there in Zimbabwe today. How are we ever going to recover a generation of people who believe in get rich quickly schemes which were perpetuated by the hyper-inflationary environment and of course, the messed up sovereign foundations? How do you compromise on your very values for a mere wealth creation scheme? How are we ever going to account to the next generations on our failure to properly govern this nation in a manner that would ensure that their future is bright and they have a lot to expect and live for? Honestly, what have we done to Zimbabwe, the once bread basket of Africa? Something went seriously wrong when we began the process of developing our children in the home front!

Something is truly outstanding for Zimbabwe - is it that we see all this ill behavior and speak out? In the traditional Zimbabwean culture, there seems to be a lot shared in bringing up children well. However, there also seems to be a lot that promotes the young to keep quiet when they see their elders doing wrong. This, among other reasons, has led to the presence of sycophants - followers who see evil and choose to do nothing for fear of losing favor in the eyes of the leader or even losing benefits, these are merely blind followers! This has become the bulk of the Zimbabweans - we keep quiet when we see evil because we have since forgotten, from our own domestic spheres what it means to have integrity, be accountable and transparent. Some of us have become sycophants because we have slowly become so self-centered that what is key to our lives is personal gain and victories. We keep quiet when our words could be the voice of reason and making a difference. Think about it, when was the last time you saw some kind of evil somewhere near you and you actually spoke out? If you spoke out, congratulations, you are one of the very few still caring citizens and people of this world. Let us take it upon ourselves to be the change we want to see and truly, we will not hang our hands low as we reminisce on Mother Teresa's words. It begins in our homes. Let us make the difference!

By Grace Chirenje, she is the Vice Board Chairperson of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

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