Police Disrupt ZPHR Album Launch in Kadoma

Police in Kadoma on Saturday, 22 September abruptly stopped the launch of the Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights (ZPHR) album in Rimuka Township. The album which was recently launched in Harare was to be presented to Kadoma residents in a drive meant to create awareness on youth voter registration and voting process, governance, human rights as well as social and economic justice issues.

The ZPHR Coordinator informed the Crisis Report that police came around 1630hrs and instructed the organizers to immediately end the show. They allegedly threatened to unleash dogs on participants if they did not comply. Police is alleged to have been incensed by one of the songs titled, 'yomubatanidzwa' which ostracizes the extent at which the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr Gideon Gono superintended over the collapse of the Zimbabwe dollar.

The police is said to have demanded to see a police clearance letter from the organizers.

"We told the police that we did not have a clearance letter since our venue had been hijacked by ZANU PF activists who were having a mobilization meeting in preparation for the Second all stakeholders' conference", said Mr. Lambada

Mr Lambada stated that the purpose of the launch was to encourage young people to register and vote. He emphasized that the meeting was non partisan and attracted youths from all walks of life regardless of their political affiliation. Mr. Lambada claims that one of the participants, suspected to be a ZANU PF member went to the police and falsely raised alarm about the meeting.

Meanwhile, a member of the Berina Arts Ensemble is alleged to have fled from his house after he heard that police were looking for him in connection with the ZPHR Album launch. Asked for comment, Mr. Lambada told the Crisis report that they are still trying to approach the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human rights (ZLHR) in order to seek legal advice on their matter.

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