The Zimbabwe constitution 'must conform to local, regional and international expectations', Thabani Nyoni

On Friday the 27th of July 2012, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Spokesperson, Thabani Nyoni hosted a media briefing at the Quill Club, a meeting place for journalists, politicians and captains of industry.

Mr Nyoni spoke on three important issues: the constitution making process, European Union (EU) position on Zimbabwe and the Tanzania Diplomatic Mission Brief ahead of the Maputo SADC Summit in August 2012.

Nyoni highlighted that while there has been progress within the constitution making process, it is important to note that the constitution must however conform to local, regional and international expectations and best practices. He reiterated that Zimbabwe needs a constitution that allows the marginalised and vulnerable to air their views.

On the issue of the recent EU   position   on Zimbabwe, Nyoni expressed the Coalition's acknowledgement of the gesture made by the European Union and noted that it should be understood as appreciating   the transition that is  unfolding in Zimbabwe. In his speech, Mr Nyoni noted that The Coalition also recognises the commendable efforts by parties within The Inclusive government in terms of implementing the Global Political Agreement (GPA), which is however inadequate, for the country is still experiencing the following:


1.     the existence of active structures of violence in the country,

2.     lack of freedom of expression, assembly and association

3.     the capturing of key state institutions such as the police, judiciary and the military

Mr Nyoni lastly spoke to the SADC mission to Tanzania. He emphasised that Tanzania as a country played a key role in the independence of Zimbabwe and as a member of the SADC Troika, which seconded Ambassador David Katye to work closely with Zimbabwe's Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC) in monitoring critical reforms in the country, Tanzania is an important stakeholder for the Coalition to engage with in making Civil Society demands ahead of the SADC Summit.


He added on that The Coalition needs to pressurise the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (Jomic) on its need to carry out its mandate as specified in Article XXII of the GPA - of ensuring the implementation of the agreement in its letter and spirit and serve as a catalyst in creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding between the parties and in promoting dialogue between them.

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