Justice finally prevails to the Chokuda family"¦..3 years after the death of Moses Chokuda

Justice finally prevails to the Chokuda family €¦..

3 years after the death of Moses Chokuda

The burial of my son today, three years after his death should be a warning to perpetrators of political violence that one day they will face the full wrath of the law as no one is above the law €¦ Mr.Tawengwa Machaya speaking at the burial of his son, Moses who was killed by ZANU Pf activists after an altercation in March 2009

In what can be recorded as the most controversial murder case in Zimbabwe's political history, the body of Moses Machaya who was beaten to death by ZANU Pf activists in 2009 under unclear circumstances was finally laid to rest in his village Chipere in Gokwe on Saturday, 23 October 2011. It is reported that Moses Machaya an MDC activist who was working for Mr. Jason Machaya, the Midlands Governor was murdered after he exposed a corruption case involving the Machaya family and food stuffs meant for relief during the economic recovery period of 2009.

Hundreds of people came to witness the burial of Mr. Chokuda who had spend three years in mortuary after his family refused to bury him until the Machaya family compensated them with   20 heads of cattle and $15 000. Part of those who attended were Heal Zimbabwe staff, The Minister for Finance, Hon Tendai Biti, the Governor for Midlands, Hon Machaya, Members of Parliament, traditional leaders, journalists, family and friends of Moses Chokuda. After the death of Moses, his family reported the case to the police but no arrests were made until this year in September where the four accomplices, Farai Chokuda, Abel Maphosa, Edmore Gana and Bothwell Gana were brought before the court of law facing murder charges and were sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. If that was not enough, the Chokuda family demanded compensation in the form of cattle and $15 000 as per the Shona tradition. At first the Machaya family did not take the demands seriously but after reports of mysteries happening in their family they decided to settle the dispute once and for all.

Chief Njelele had to intervene during the negotiations which lightened the tension between the two families. The Chokuda case is a warning and lesson to those who have committed crimes during the political violence period that it may take months or years but one day justice will take its course.

The Chokuda case is a good example of how the   process of national healing in Zimbabwe should be implemented. Reconciliation only takes place when the Truth has been established and justice has been given due regard. In a country where political position translates to immunity from the law, the persistent consistency of the Chokuda family in seeking justice in spite of the challenges they faced is encouraging. Heal Zimbabwe urges traditional leaders to emulate the role played by Chief Njelele in resolving the conflict. Of late, traditional leaders have been blamed for spearheading political conflicts in many rural areas. It is imperative for the traditional leaders to resort to their founding principles of conflict resolution, peace building as this will contribute a lot to peace and stability in their respective areas.

Moses Machaya

He was born in 1974 and was an active member of MDC together with his father. The deceased was married and left behind a wife and one child. Moses Chokuda was murdered on 22 March 2009 by Farai Chokuda, Abel Maphosa, Edmore Gana and Bothwell Gana in Gokwe.

The four had enlisted the services of two soldiers to intimidate Chokuda, but this did not work and they decided to take the law into their own hands where they assaulted him using logs and booted feet, leaving him for dead. An autopsy report prepared for the court revealed that Chokuda died from fractures on his cervical spine. He had sustained several injuries all over his body. He was buried after three years in his rural area in Gokwe.




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