In Response to the Suspension of Registration of YET Trust with the ZYC

In Response to the Suspension of Registration of YET Trust with the ZYC

Having met on 22 September 2011 as young women's organizations under the banner of the YET Trust and deliberated on the suspension of YET Trust by the ZYC for yet unclear and obscure reasons cited by the ZYC Director in a letter dated 30 August 2011. We express our deep shock and dismay over this suspension, which we view as a clear assault on the progressive youth of this country, and in particular as a direct attack on young women's participation in the development of the country.

As young women's organizations under the banner of YET Trust, we are deeply concerned by the continued harassment of the Director of YET, which is clearly turning out to be a new and subtle form of gender-based victimization of the YET Director solely on the grounds that she is a woman.

We are also concerned that the unilateral actions of the ZYC director in suspending YET Trust registration are not only illegal in terms of provisions of the ZYC Act, but are a clear violation of the provisions of CEDAW and the SADC Protocol on Gender and an assault on the advancement and representation of young women in leadership positions. The Government of Zimbabwe (GoZ) has ratified these and other statutory instruments that work for the advancement of women yet such misdirected efforts by the ZYC director clearly violate and negate government efforts to empower women and afford them equal opportunities with men, and are also retrogressive to government Policy on MDG 3.

Having studied the letter of suspension carefully and consulted other parties cited in the said letter, we stand in solidarity with a fellow sister, the YET Trust Director and assert the following:

  • The alleged suspension of registration is null and void as proper procedures were not followed by the ZYC director. The Registration and Compliance Committee of the ZYC Board did not meet to discuss this issue prior to the suspension and the suspension was clearly a unilateral move by the male chauvinistic ZYC director;
  • YET Trust through its representative was never given an opportunity to lay out their side of the story on the alleged issue. No disciplinary hearing was ever convened as provided for in section 22 (2) of the ZYC Act
  • The Ministry of Women's Affairs Gender and Community Development, under the inclusive GoZ should investigate the actions of the ZYC which are in clear contravention of some of the policies it has adopted, especially in the advancement of young men and women. The ZYC is mandated through a statutory instrument (ZYC Act) to work towards providing a conducive environment for youth participation and empowerment, yet it is clearly working against some of these ideals through partisan execution of its duties and adopting retrogressive patriarchal tendencies that allow for the discrimination and harassment of women;
  • We condemn the continued harassment of the YET Trust Director which we are well aware is a plot to intimidate the YET Trust Director based on her gender and stead-fast pursuit of young women and youth empowerment. We reiterate that we will take up this case with relevant ministries to safeguard the participation of young women and work towards confining such chauvinistic tendencies by the ZYC Director to the annals of history; we will mobilize women, young women and other straight thinking Zimbabweans to challenge such blatant acts of gender-based discrimination and harassment as such practices have no place in present-day Zimbabwe.

As young women, we stand in solidarity with a fellow sister, the YET Trust Director as she faces an unjustified onslaught from a male chauvinist in the form of the ZYC director. As youth organizations also registered with the ZYC, we will not hesitate to withdraw our membership with the ZYC as it is clearly reneging on its mandate and wantonly discriminating against women. Further, we will challenge this suspension of YET Trust on purely legal grounds. We will also mobilize our constituencies to challenge this new form of young women harassment and discrimination, which is a clear violation and negation of the GoZ policies towards women's empowerment.


Zimbabwe Youth Council STOP THE HARRASSMENT!!!!


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