Denounce violence- Zurura traditional leaders urge

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition convened a "Meet the People Forum € at Zurura Growth Point in Manicaland province on Friday 20 April 2012 which brought together the political, business, traditional and church leadership in the area. The political leadership gave feedback on key political developments and members of the community asked their leadership questions concerning their social and economic well-being. The meeting was attended by 459 people (272 males and 187 females) including Honorable Pishai Muchaurayaya (M.P Makoni South), Councilors Pachawo, Kawadza and Kutupira. The traditional leadership that attended the meeting included Headman Ngirazi, Headman Gandanzara, Headman Kwinje and Headman Dzumbani. The Coalition was impressed by the stance taken by the traditional leadership to be non-partisan and to speak out against violence.

There was a general feeling that voter education and mobilization from both political parties and civil society is behind schedule in the context of the speculation of dates for the next election. Hon Pishai Muchauraya said that the completion of the constitution making process is intricately linked to the holding of the next election.

Headman Gandanzara took advantage of the forum  to encourage members of the community in refusing  to engage in political violence. He said that he has, with the support of other like minded traditional leaders decided to adopt a zero tolerance to political violence by not aligning with any political party.

Other issues raised during the meeting were:

  1. The rural electrification program has not benefited a lot of people in the area despite the lines passing through some of the villages which do not have electricity. The councilors present at the meeting pledged to take up the issue with ZESA and the local authorities.
  2. The constitution should be clear on age restrictions for the President. It should contain a clear entry and exit age and not only have term limits as is being suggested in the media.
  3. Minister Ignatius Chombo should be stopped from interfering with local authorities, it emerged that Chombo wants to single-handedly run all the local authorities in the country and more often than not victimize councilors and council employees deemed to be anti- ZANU PF.


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