ZCTU demands Investment promotion and Job creation

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) President George Nkiwane yesterday discredited the indigenization and economic empowerment program , calling it "sugary speech about sovereignty and empowerment €. The biggest labor movement in Zimbabwe demanded investment promotion and job creation.


Nkiwane declared the workers' position while addressing close to 10000 workers as well as unemployed youths at Gwanzura Stadium in the capital Harare on the occasion of this year's May Day celebrations on Wednesday.


The ZCTU boss categorically stated that the labor Union will urge its members to vote for a political party ready to honor workers' demands at the forthcoming harmonized elections scheduled between June and September in 2013.

"It is now time to confront power with truth.

"There are no values of the liberation struggle which go beyond self-sustenance of the individual citizen, € declared Nkiwane.


Taking a leaf from the International Labor Organization (ILO), he added: "Development happens through jobs. Work is the only way out of poverty. €


Nkiwane told the buoyant workers and unemployed youths "let no one lie to you about indigenization € because it is for "the politically connected € amid roaring applause.


According to some analysts, although some few jobs have been rescued efforts at industrial recapitalization have failed because of investment insecurities caused by the redistributive economic policies such as indigenization and empowerment program. Economic Analysts have often argued that policies being pushed by Zanu-PF seem to contradict the investment promotion drive resulting in economic policy uncertainty and inconsistency in the Inclusive Government.


Other analysts blame the previous Zanu-PF government's record of violating property rights as shown by seizure of farms protected under bilateral agreements during the land reform program which has been criticized for its lack of prior planning and the subsequent chaotic character.

"We want government institutions committed to the rule of law, human rights and property rights, € the ZCTU President said.


The May Day celebrations were held under the theme, "Workers under siege, organize, unite and fight. €

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