Wife denied access to see MDC-T Youth President

THE wife of MDC-T Youth President Solomon Madzore has been denied access to see her husband who is currently detained at Bindura remand prison in Mashonaland Central on allegations of insulting President Robert Mugabe.


A reliable source who spoke from Bindura said the authorities at Bindura Remand Prison consider Madzore's case as a high profile one and would not permit more than two visitors per day for security and logistical reasons.


When his wife Charity visited the Bindura Remand Prison on Tuesday May 7 it is reported that Madzore had already been visited by two members of his party and the prison officers said the mother of Madzore's two children was "not a priority €.


Other visitors denied the opportunity to talk to Madzore were ZINASU President Pride Mkono and Secretary General Tryvinne Musokeri.


MDC-T Youth Secretary General Promise Mkwananzi said they disapproved of the move.


"We condemn it because it is a clear violation of his rights as an accused and given that he has not been convicted. We see this as targeted political persecution meant to dampen Madzore's high spirits as we prepare to rout ZANU PF in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

"We would still condemn it, if it happened to convicted people because they must be accorded their rights, € said Mkwananzi.


Mkwananzi said there was nothing special and peculiar about scrutinizing President Mugabe's political conduct in the Inclusive Government because all other government leaders and candidates for the next election were subject to public scrutiny.

(ZINASU President Pride Mkono and Secretary General Tryvinne Musokeri )

Madzore is accused of having said that the Head of State was slowing progress in the GNU and likened him to a "donkey" that backtracks hindering the government cart from moving forward. He was given bail on Monday but the State evoked section 121 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act (CPEA).


The legislation allows the detention of accused persons while the State is contemplating to appeal against bail decisions for a period of up to seven days.


It is not the first time for Madzore to be arrested after he spent over a year in remand prison until October 2012 when he was finally released on bail coupled with stringent conditions.


The Youth leader served lengthy detention at the Harare's Chikurubi prison for allegedly murdering a police officer Inspector Petros Mutedza along with other 28 MDC-T activists in the capital city's Glen View high density suburb in May 2011.


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