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We will continue to give solidarity to Zimbabwe

Botswana renowned civil society leader and rights activist has pledged support and said that they will continue to stand in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe until their aspirations for a democratic nation are realised.


DITSHWANELO (The Botswana Centre for Human Rights) Executive Director, Alice Mogwe told a representative delegation of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) on Monday, 14 July 2014 that her organisation was still committed to working with Zimbabweans.


Ms Mogwe whose organisation coordinates the Botswana Civil Society Solidarity Coalition for Zimbabwe (BOCISCOZ); comprised of several civil society organisations in Botswana working on Zimbabwean issues told the visiting delegation that the Coalition was born out of the need to assist Zimbabweans and fellow solidarity partners in their time of need.


Joy Mabenge, Acting Coordinator of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) commended the work of DITSHWANELO and BOCISCOZ and expressed appreciation of the long standing solidarity they have offered over the years. Mabenge also updated the representative of BOCISCOZ on the state of affairs in Zimbabwe post 31 July 2013 elections.

At a time when Zimbabwe had few friends and wanted support the Botswana government and its people remained resolute in support of the people of Zimbabwe”

“Almost a year after the poll that ended the life of the Inclusive Government in Zimbabwe (IGoZ) we begin to witness the emergence of an economic crisis which will obviously trigger other crisis in Zimbabwe”


Director of DITSHWANELO, Mogwe added that as an organisation working closely with Zimbabweans in Botswana and civil society in Zimbabwe they were well aware that the Zimbabwe question was not fully resolved by elections held last year.

As DISTHWANELO we keep raising the flag that issues in Zimbabwe are not fully resolved and it is our responsibility to render solidarity”

“We provide platforms for Zimbabweans in Botswana to speak out freely on challenges they are facing among them sexual exploitation of young women, xenophobia, discrimination and poverty.

“Currently we are dealing with a case of a young Zimbabwe man named Gift who worked for Batswana people at a farm. Gift was shot in both arms and later amputated following a dispute on remuneration with his employer”

“We managed to raise awareness on Gift’s case and appealed successfully against his deportation to Zimbabwe by the Botswana Government because he was undocumented. We are currently fundraising for him to get prosthetic arms so that he can be able to work and earn a living”

“The level and breath of the work that we are doing is not only at the level of engaging wielders of power and influence but also we work closely with the people from all walks of life who have migrated from Zimbabwe owing to social, economic and political reasons”

“Our work on and with Zimbabweans has manifested in many different ways,” said Mogwe.

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