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Immigration laws show neighbours’ panic over Zimbabwe

Harare -- NEW immigration laws in two Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries have been viewed as a sign the region is possibly panicking over the flow of Zimbabweans into the region.


Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Spokesperson Mfundo Mlilo said on Thursday, July 10 that the flow has not been stopped by the return of Zanu-PF to power after the last elections, causing some countries to secretly panic.


He said the panic was reflected in the announcement of tight immigration laws and possible cancellation of asylum for Zimbabweans in South Africa and Botswana with the South African government saying its social services system will be “shocked” by the number of immigrants.


Approximately over three (3) million Zimbabweans have flocked out of the country mainly into the SADC region in about ten years.


SADC countries are panicking over the increasing possibility of Zimbabwean migrants entering into their territories as a result of the continued deterioration of the economic situation in the country,” said Mlilo.

“This panic is being shown in the policy shift regarding Zimbabwean migrants.

“This is a tacit admission that the Zimbabwean question has not been fully resolved after the last election.

“This is a sign that the result of July 31 is inconclusive and will continue to hinder economic and social progress.”


He said the forthcoming SADC Summit to be held in Zimbabwe in August should relook at the situation in the country.

Our demand is that the forthcoming SADC Summit must focus on fully resolving the Zimbabwean question.

“There are these emerging issues such as the economic collapse that is prompting regional countries to tighten their borders, although they are not admitting it publicly.

“They must not continue to address the symptoms of the Zimbabwean problem of a botched reform process.”


SADC has already been criticized for violating regional benchmarks to give clean bill of health to a substandard Zimbabwean election, ending its facilitating of dialogue in the country last year.

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