Zimbabwe Briefing - Issue 85

In this Issue:

  • Is Zanu PF Divided Over Constitution?
    Dewa Mavhinga, Regional Coordinator, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

  • Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition on Advocacy Mission to Tanzania
    by SA Office

  • Numbers Do Not Necessarily Indicate Progress:A Rejoinder to Ms Polygreen's Article in the New York Times.

  • Zanu PF squanders chance for key leadership renewal
    by Tabani Moyo
    , journalist





Zimbabwe Briefing - Issue 83 (pdf 815kB )

In this Issue :

  • Supreme Court Ruling and Violence to Spin Zimbabwe Out of Control
    By David Mutomba ,he is a Zimbabwean Journalist and Human rights activist
  • Dlamini-Zuma New AU Chair: Implications for Zimbabwe
    Dewa Mavhinga, Regional Coordinator, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

  • Army And Police Guilty Of Infringement Of The Right To Protest
    Report compiled by Dewa Mavhinga, Regional Coordinator, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

  • High Court Judge Blasts Police for Dereliction of Duty
    By International Liaison Office of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum


Zimbabwe Briefing - Issue 82 (pdf 795Kb)

Featured articles

  • Indigenization Policy a Euphemism for National Asset-Stripping
    by Dewa Mavhinga, Regional Coordinator, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

  • What about us?
    by David Mutomba

  • Interrogating Zimbabwe's Indigenization and Empowerment Discourse
    by Tamuka Charles Chirimambowa (Political Economist)

  • Around Zimbabwe in brief

    Parliamentary Debate on The Human Rights Bill and amendments to the Electoral Act

    The minister of justice, Patrick Chinamasa (Zanu PF) is expected to steer through parliament this and next week the Electoral Act Amendment Bill (EAAB) and the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Bill (ZHRCB). Both bills were introduced in parliament last year. The Human Rights Commission Bill seeks to operationalize the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and to define its mandate and powers to investigate human rights abuses from 13 February 2009 going forward while past abuses to another institution that will need to be established on the recommendation of the Organ on National Healing, Reconciliaton and Integration, like a Truth, Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Commission. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms, Navi Pillay, following her visit to Zimbabwe last May warned that there should be no impunity for past abuses but agreed that an institution separate from the Human Rights Commission should be set up to deal with past abuses.

    Zimbabwe Speaker of Assembly in Mozambique for SADC Plenary Session of National Parliaments

    MDC- T National Chairperson and the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Hon. Lovemore Moyo is in Mozambique for the 31st plenary session of the SADC Parliamentary Forum. The session will be running from the 9th to the 16th of July 2012. The Plenary Assembly meets twice a year for decision making with a representation of 6 members of parliaments from the member countries. The plenary session will be held under the theme "Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy" and it seeks to ensure greater parliamentary role in enhancing participatory democracy and good governance in SADC. The the most important objective of this session is to transform the Parliamentary Forum into a legislative authority.

    South Africa's Dlamini Zuma up to Challenge Jean Ping for AU Top Post

    South African Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma is set to once again challenge Gabon's Jean Ping for the leadership of the African Union this week. The Africa Union's elections are to be undertaken at the 19th AU Summit currently underway in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The last elections in January 2012 ended in a stalemate with neither Jean Ping, who has held chair since 2008 nor Dlamini able to ganner the required two thirds majority despite several rounds of votes.

    State Security mounts crackdown on activists

    COTRAD and WOZA activists have been the latest target of a crackdown on activists by state security agents. Last week 13 COTRAD activists and 9 WOZA activists were arrested for conducting demonstrations. 5 of the 13 COTRAD activists were granted bail by a Masvingo Magistrate. In a communication distributed yesterday COTRAD reported that offices have been raided and besieged by heavy handed police officers led by D.C Mauka and Chavanhu from the Masvingo Law and Order department. In a desperate bid to build a case against the activists, the police in both cases embarked on a desperate attempt to press fresh charges never included in the initial allegations including accusing COTRAD activists of burning down a court building.

    Finance Ministry set for Mid-Term Financial Review

    The Finance Minister, Tendai Biti is expected to deliver the country's Mid-Term Financial Statement. Parliament's sitting calendar has been extended to put in extra July sittings this week and next week to accommodate the Ministers statement and also discussions on legislative amendments. The Financial statement is expected to reveal the ailing economy's large budget deficit which analysts believe will most likely lead to a substantial cut in expenditure which will directly impact on the issue of civil service salary increases and the availability of funds by the government to purchase shares of companies under the intensely disputed indigenization drive.

    Zanu PF not partaking in JOMIC activities

    Jomic co-chairperson Thabitha Khumalo (MDC-T) confirmed that Zanu PF
    has not been attending  Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC) meetings countrywide with Zanu PF citing disagreements the parties had in Mashonaland Central as the cause for the rift. JOMIC is a product of the Global Political Agreement entered into by the three parties in government with the principal aim of implementing and monitoring implementation of the letter and spirit of the GPA.



Zimbabwe Briefing - Issue 81 (pdf 663 kB)

Featured Articles

      • Zimbabwe Civil Society Advocacy Mission to Namibia
        Dewa Mavhinga, Regional Coordinator, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

      • State of paralysis
        by Tamuka Charles Chirimambowa, Political Economist

      • DCC Fiasco; What form and type of Democracy does ZANU PF practice?
        by Pedzisai Ruhanya (PhD Candidate, Media and Democracy, University of Westminster, London)

      • Zimbabwe's Constitution and a free media
        By Patience Zirima

      • COURT WATCH 2012
        by Veritas


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